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Established 2008
Locally Owned and Operated

Where you don't have to walk the plank to get great service at a fair price

Really ready to hang it up for the year?


Don't wait for the first reports of freezing weather.


We'll Pickup and Deliver your ski for winterizing $25

(nose in trailers, trailers without nose jacks and tandem axel trailers $25 additional)

No Trailer? 
No Problem

We pick up and deliver locally.

You don't need to do THIS!

Please note there are additional charges for winterizing JetSki residing in slips at local marinas.

We store skis from $25 a month in our fully secure yard 6 month minimum

We work with all local storage yards and marinas

Why do I need to Winterize?


4-tec cylinder head
Not winterized
Raw steel will rust unless coated in protective oil
This Seadoo 4-tec engine sat up for two years before the owner
Brought it in for a service.
Needs far more service then anticipated
This can be prevented with a winterize service.


An open loop cooling system as used on most Jetskis allows
water to flow into the engine block and then out of the exhaust pipe
It's not possible to get all of the water out of the exhaust system when you store your ski, some of it will remain.
As this water evaporates over the dry winter, where do you think the water goes?
Some of it goes out of the exhaust pipe


If the engine isn't properly treated, rust WILL FORM
Rust=DEATH for any motor

Some may say you don't need to bother. Well you may have gotten away with not winterizing,
but rest assured you've sacrificed up to 25% of your engine life by allowing rust and corrosion to form in your engine during the off season.
If you check your owners manual, you'll see that most vendors suggest "fogging" the engine with anti-corrosive oil when you aren't going to use the ski for as little as two weeks!

That's just one of the things that happens during a winterizing service.

There are lots of "experts" out on the lake that will give you what appears to be good information.

Does that information actually apply to your Jetski?

Case in point:

Drain the fuel tank or fill it and add stabilizer?

For Jetskis with fuel injected engines, you do NOT want to drain the tank


Your uber-costly fuel pump ( upwards of $500) should not be allowed to sit dry for any length of time.
The smallest bit of corrosion can cause premature pump failure and a shockingly large repair bill

The guy at  the next campsite will tell you :

I just drain the tanks each season, no problems for me!

Well, that is the correct advice for a carbureted engine, but NOT for a fuel injected one.

and there's more....

How do you drain the engine block of water?

Some ski engine blocks self drain, some need to have certain hoses disconnected and have anti-freeze injected

Want to take a chance we won't get a couple of sub 30 degree evenings this winter?

One fellow did up in SantaFe and his repair bill was over $1000
He developed a water leak from the base of the engine block,
it doesn't take much ice to force a gasket out of position

Captain Pete knows what your ski needs to be ready to go come next season!

You get what you pay for!

Since you are already here, just do a web search for winterizing and your model ski

Captain Pete does what is required to assure you get the maximum hours out of your ski with minimal maintenance expenses

Don't just spray some fogging oil into your engine and call it a day.

Winterizing a 4 stroke jet ski requires much more then just engine fogging.
Check your Owners guide!

Seadoo Supercharged 4-tecs require additional services to prevent engine damage come next spring.

Neglect one very important part of the end of season service and
you risk doing thousands of dollars of damage to your engine

Captain Pete knows what to do!

Should you fill your tank and add stabilizer? or drain your tank?
Ask Captain Pete, he'll tell you why either way may be the "right" way for your ski.

Winterizing rates are not one price fits all
here's what you can expect on a Seadoo 4-tec SC winterizing service

Seadoo 4-tecs $225
(all inclusive)
Fog Engine (this protects all internal engine surfaces from rust)
Change Oil and Filter ( we only use Seadoo OEM filters, not aftermarket lower cost and quality filters)
Draim Intercooler, Fog throttle body and supercharger on SC models
Service Battery
Grease All Cables, inspect all clamps and hoses
Perform all required Seadoo Winterizing steps.


Yamaha and Kawasaki 4 strokes $175
(+ Supplies+Yamaha HO Oil filters $26)
Please note that a badly rusted oil filter can require engine removal!
change your oil filter YEARLY
DO NOT WAIT for the 100 hour interval in your owners manual!

We use K&N oil filters when possible for Yamaha and Kawasaki Skis


Ask any other shop for a copy of the Seadoo Service Bulletin for Winterizing,
see if they can produce it before you let them winterize your $10k Jetski.

ALL Two-Stroke Skis $75
(+ Supplies $25)


Fuel is additional, top off your tanks with ethanol free fuel.

Butte General Store/Conoco @ the lake
The "Fill-up" in Williamsburg( 1/4 ,mile south of shop)
If we have to fuel your ski, there will be additional costs.


Want to do it yourself? Live too far to visit?

$25 for telephone advice, pay by paypal.

I'll cover every step with you in detail